Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Famous Persons who were Exhumed

Here is a very interesting list of top ten famous personalities who were actually exhumed from their graves after their death.There would be many of you who do not know this.So lets have a look of the details of these strange happenings.

10 . Nicolae Ceausescu:
Nicolae Ceausescu (Ruler of Romania) was one of the most brutal dictators in the human history.Nicolae and his wife were executed soon after his government was overthrown. Both of them were buried in Bucharest military cemetery. but there is still some doubt about the identities of the bodies in the grave. Hence, DNA testing of both the bodies is underway to confirm their identities.

9. Joseph Haydn:
Joseph Haydn was famous composer in the early ’90s . There was a great deal of interest in the study of phrenology (a psychological theory or analytical method based on the belief that certain mental faculties and character traits are indicated by the configurations of the skull) ,when Joseph died. In order to prove that Haydn had the “musical bump,” accounting for his genius as a musician, Rosenbaum, a phrenologist bribed the church’s sexton and stole the head of Haydn. After 10 years when the body of Haydn was to be moved ,the missing head was discovered. However,in 1954 the head was reunited with the original body.

8. Stonewall Jackson’s Arm:
In a friendly fire ,Stonewall Jackson (civil war general) had his arm cut off. Jackson was buried in Lexington after his death, while his arm was buried in Chancellorsville. His arm was exhumed and was taken at the Ellwood’s cemetery where a separate grave was made for the arm and this grave is surrounded by the Jackson’s family.

7. Thomas Paine:

Thomas Paine was the author of ‘Common Sense” and a great American revolutionary. Soon after his death, the body of Thomas was exhumed by William Cobbett without permission. He took the body to England, where he wanted to build a memorial to inspire democracy in the British Isles. However, the memorial could never be built .

6. Bobby Fischer:
Bobby Fischer ( famous chess player) got very popular in the U.S after beating Boris (Russian chess player).Later he was banned from the U.S after breaking the international law by choosing to play in the then-Yugoslavia.Later he got the nationality of Iceland. Recently a woman has claimed that her daughter is of Fischer’s when he lived in Philippines. His body was exhumed for paternity tests.

bobby-fischer famous chess player
5. Eva Peron:
Eva was the wife of Juan Peron, the president of Argentina. After the exile of Juan ,Eva was embalmed and put on display for 2 years. In order to protect her ,she was buried in Italy under a false name. in 1971 ,the government was again overthrown by the military and the body of Eva was exhumed and sent to Juan’s villa in Spain. When Juan died ,her body was brought back to Argentina and finally found a resting place in the presidential palace.
eva exhumed
4. Sammy Davis, Jr.:
Sammy was a member of the Rat pack and was very talented entertainer. After his death ,his wife found out that there wasn’t any money left. So, she had Sammy’s body exhumed to recover the jewelry buried along with him ($ 70,000).
davis-jr exhumed
3. Abraham Lincoln:
He was the famous and maybe the most popular President of the U.S.However,when a master engraver Ben boyd who worked for a counterfeiting organization was arrested,his fellow criminals made a plan to exhume Lincoln’s body and make it as a hostage to free Ben Boyd. The plan did not work but the authorities decided to bury the body of Abraham beneath the concrete.

Abraham-Lincoln saved from exhuming
2. Benny Hill:
There were rumors that Benny was buried with large amount of gold jewelry. As a result thieves dug up the grave of Benny , but when they reached his coffin ,they found nothing. Police then put a slab across the top of the grave in order to prevent any more trouble.

benny hill exhumed

1. Charlie Chaplin:
On the top of our list is Charlie Chaplin , world’s most famous comedian. The grave robbers exhumed the body of Chaplin and asked the family to pay money in order to get the body back, but the police caught them before the family paid the money. However, after that,Chaplin’s family decided to use concrete over his grave.

Charlie-Chaplin exhumed


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