Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photoshop Fail: Sexy Girl

                 Sexy girl I like the way you moving so all the boys go na na na...


  1. still super hot!!!

  2. you are right :D Hot Mammasita

  3. Come on... the shadow is fake, not the girl. If that was actually the shadow and she had warped in her love handles or trimmed them off, the shadow would either be warped, or not there at all! There are some real photoshop fails out there, no need to make them up. Also, totally agree with anonymous, even with the made up love handles she'd still be very hot.

    1. It's not fake, you can see the original image on the Zoo mag website: Imogen Thomas is pretty flabby, so it was obvious these pics were shopped, even if they hadn't screwed up the shadow. When they came out they were all over the tabloid press.


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